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The IQAC of an institution can be compared to a human heart which is solely responsible for the successful functioning of the body. If the heart functions well the body also will function well. The successful functioning of an institution depends up on the successful function of the IQAC. NAAC is very keen in seeing that every accredited institution should establish an IQAC, which is the embodiment of quality sustenance measure. In realizing the goals of quality enhancement and sustenance, IQAC lends a helping hand. The first and foremost task of to IQAC is the develop a system conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in the performance of any institution, When once accreditation is granted to an institution, IQAC will be a never failing companion to lead the institution towards perfection in all its endeavors aiming at academic excellence.

The IQAC will have the following function:

• To lead the institution to the level of next to none in the case of academic and administration activities.

• To aim at learner-centric environment aiming at quality and holistic education.

• Identification of slow learners, conducting more tests and providing extra coaching.

• To take all measures for the successful up gradation of faculty members enabling them to render effective service in the teaching learning process.

• To find out the ways and means in which the institution can be brought to the forefront based on the feed backs got from students, parents and stakeholders.

• To organize Symposium, Conference, Workshop and Seminars stressing on quality related factors.

• To maintain a record of the prime activities conserving the quality of education.

• To act as a care taken for propagating good practice and observing.

• Staff meeting is conducted by the principal to ensure whether the staff have completed the portions.

The institution has established the Internal Quality Assurance Cell [IQAC] during the academic year 2015-2016 with the following members

1 Dr. K. Samidurai PRINCIPAL Chair Person
2 Mr. M. Manikandan Associate Professor / CSE Coordinator
3 Dr. A. S. Thirumurugan HOD / CIVIL Internal Member
4 Ms. K. Poornapriya HOD / ECE Internal Member
5 Prof. M. Kumar HOD / EEE Internal Member
6 Prof. S. Balamurali HOD / MECH Internal Member
7 Ms. S. Kousalya HOD / S&H Internal Member
8 Ms. P. Jayaprabha HOD / MCA Internal Member
9 Mr. Baggam Seshu Sailendra HOD / MBA Internal Member
10 Dr. T.O. Singaravel Managing Director Member from Management
11 Mr. G. Ravishankar CEO – TOS Solutions Special Invitee – Industrialist
12 Mr. R. Radha Managing Director, RAN India Steels Special Invitee – Industrialist
13 Dr. S. Senthilkumar Professor & Head,KSR College of Engineering Special Invitee – Academician.
14 Mr. R. Mani Special Invitee – Parent’s Coordinator
15 Mr. S. Balasubramaniyan Special Invitee – Parent’s Coordinator

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