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College Rules and Regulations & Code of conduct

Ragging in any form is totally prohibited by the Government of India and Government of Tamil Nadu. As per the existing Government order, a student involved in ragging, will be expelled immediately from the college without any enquiry. The college will follow the orders of the Government in respect of ragging strictly.

The students, both boys and girls should attend the college properly dressed. Boys should wear formal pants and shirts and Girls in decent chudidhar with dupata. Jeans, T shirts and Printed Shirts are strictly prohibited inside the campus. All the students should wear uniform while attending practical classes. Display of college ID card is compulsory.

All the students should be regular and punctual to both Theory and Practical classes. They should be in the classes at least five minutes before the class commences. The students are expected to express respect to the staff members inside the campus. When the classes are in progress, proper decorum should be maintained and silence is ensured.

Students are permitted to take leave only for valid reasons with prior permission from Parents, Class Advisor and HOD. In case of any emergency, the student / parents should inform over phone to the class advisor on the same day itself.

Students should write all the internal assessment tests, model exams and submit assignments in proper time showing their academic progress. Based on the test performance and their attendance, the internal assessment will be calculated and submitted to the university.

The progress report of the students will be sent periodically to the parents by the department concerned. However, the parents shall visit the college twice in a semester and meet the Class Advisor / HOD to obtain detailed information about the performance of their ward.

The parents are requested to inculcate regular studying habits and ensure the appearance and good performance in all university examinations.

During the course of study, there will be Educational Tours / Industrial visits and In-plant training programmes. While students participate in such programmes, highly appreciable discipline and behaviour is essential. They shall participate in such programmes on their own risks only.

Usage of cell phones is strictly prohibited inside the college campus. However the cell phone may be kept in the hostel by proper intimation and registration with the hostel warden.

The students shall use the Computers / Laptop and internet facilities only for academic purpose in the campus. Any misuse of those facilities will be viewed seriously.

Every student shall pay full fees for the year so long as his / her name is on the rolls of the college and his / her attendance is registered for part of the year.

The tuition fee and other fees shall be paid not later than the fifth working day from the start of the semester / academic year without fine. The fees with fine will be accepted for a further period of five days from the above date.

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